Microsoft Imagine Software for Students and Staff in the School

The School of Computer Science & Informatics subscribes to Microsoft Imagine Premium. If you are a student or staff member in the School, you may download Microsoft software, available through Microsoft Imagine, onto your own personal machines for non-commercial use.

Getting Microsoft software through Microsoft Imagine

Microsoft Imagine Premium gives you easy and free access to Microsoft Software. (Microsoft Imagine Premium used to be called Developer AA or MSDN AA or Microsoft DreamSpark).

Microsoft Imagine Software

The School's subscription to Microsoft Imagine Premium allows access to a wide range of Microsoft software including:

  • — Windows 7, 8 and 10 (x32 and x64 bit versions)
  • — Microsoft Visio
  • — Microsoft project
  • — Visual Studio and the MSDN example libraries and documentation
  • — SQL server (various versions)
  • plus others…

You cannot obtain Microsoft Office through Microsoft Imagine but both staff and students can get a subscription to Microsoft Office 2016 through the University's Office365 Email system.

Selecting the Software

You can “order” and download the software from the Microsoft Imagine customised site for the School of Computer Science & Informatics. To obtain access, you will need to authenticate using your University username and password on the School's web site single sign-on page.

To authenticate and go straight to the Microsoft Imagine webstore, go to our Microsoft Imagine authentication page. (Don't be surprised if signing-in takes 10-20 seconds after you have authenticated.)

If you just want to browse the Microsoft Imagine site, go to the Microsoft Imagine webstore for the School. You can later log in there by clicking the Sign In button on the right and be taken to the School's sign-on page.

Note that you must be a current staff member or student in the School to gain access to the webstore.

In the webstore, you are able to select software from the School's software catalogue through a ‘shopping cart’ system. You will see a menu of categories and a gallery of software products. Click on a product to see a detailed page where you can add it to your shopping cart.

Once you have added the software to your shopping cart, proceed to the checkout to order the software. There is no charge.

After checking out, each item has a Download link where you can download the software and get its licence code. A receipt will be emailed to you detailing where you can find a copy of the licence code information.

Your Rights to Use and Responsibilities for Microsoft Imagine Software

Microsoft Imagine software is available for installation on privately-owned computers only. If you want Microsoft software for a machine bought by or through the University, please contact the School's computing support team <> about obtaining software under the University's Microsoft Campus and Select licences and other licence agreements.

For private machines, you may download and use Microsoft Imagine software for your studies while registered as studying or working in the School. Once you have left the School, you will not be able to download newer versions, although some software will remain licensed to use for non-profit purposes. Please check the licence that's displayed during the checkout process.

You will get only one licence code (if needed) per product, and the details of the code and who has downloaded each item of software resides with Microsoft. Sharing any Microsoft Imagine software, product codes, or otherwise breaking the licence agreement will result in all your codes being revoked and you being excluded from the scheme.

Downloading and Installing Microsoft Imagine Software

Downloads from the site require the use of a Secure Download Manager (SDM). After you have checked out your software, you will see a Start Download button. You can also see a list of the software you have previously checked out by going to Your Account.

Start Download will take you to a page where you can download the Secure Download Manager (if you haven't already done so) and the .SDX file for the product you ordered. The .SDX file uniquely identifies the product.

If you have connected to Microsoft Imagine from a Windows system, the download link will download a .msi self-extracting installer. Run this to install the Secure Download Manager.

If you have connnected from a non-Windows system, the file downloaded will be a Macintosh .pkg installer file. Run this file to install the Secure Download Manager on a Mac.

You cannot install the Secure Download Manger on Linux (and it won't work under wine on Linux either). Therefore, it's not possible to use a Linux system to get software from Microsoft Imagine.

Users may use the Windows or Mac workstations in the School's labs to download Microsoft Imagine software.

Once the Secure Download Manager is installed, run it and give it the .SDX file so that it can find and download the product you've checked-out.