Install and Activate Mathematica in Cardiff University

To install Mathematica, download the installer for your platform from the download page and run it to install Mathematica.

When you first run Mathematica, it will ask for an activation key. Depending on which sort of licence you have, do one of the following to activate it.

Network Increment Licence

Send University IT at the IP address of the machine so they can open the licence server firewall.

When Mathematica asks for the activation key, ignore this and click on Other ways to activate at the bottom of the panel.

A new panel will appear and you'll see Connect to a network license server. Click on that, and enter as the server name and click Activate.

Single-Machine Licence

The user of the machine should email University IT, , for an activation key. They will arrange for one to be sent by Wolfram. Use this to activate the installed copy of Mathematica.

Home-use Licence

To apply for a free home-use licence go to and fill in the forms. You'll need to use our site licence number on the first page where it asks for activation code. Contact University IT at to find out the site licence number.

Mathematica in Cardiff University