Mathematica in Cardiff University

The administration for Cardiff University's Mathematica Site Licence is handled centrally by University IT. The licence allows Schools to buy copies of Mathematica at reduced, volume discount, prices. Contact University IT through for further information.

About Mathematica

Mathematica is an integrated computing environment from Wolfram. Based on the Wolfram Language, it is widely used across all areas of technical computing.

Information about Mathematica can be found at Wolfram's website. See Wolfram Mathematica.

Buying Mathematica

The Site Licence is negotiated every 3-years. In order to participate, you may need to commit to a 3-year agreement in which you pay the licence maintenance fee at the start of each year. You are entitled to use Mathematica and receive upgrades during the period of the agreement. Again, contact University IT for the latest requirements and prices.

Mathematica is available for Windows, Linux, Macintosh and some other Unix computers. Licences can be supplied for single-machines or as floating network licences for use on several machines on Campus.

Please see licence types or email University IT.

(If you are not able to commit to the University agreement, you may buy a licence for Mathematica directly from Wolfram outside the agreement. This would be more expensive, and would not entitle you to upgrades after the first year, but the licence is permanent. Contact University IT to be put in touch with Wolfram's account manager for the University if you want to learn more about buying Mathematica outside the agreement.)

Free Home-use Licences

When you join the University scheme, you are automatically entitled to a free home-use license for installation of Mathematica to a computer at home. Contact the Service desk for details.

Downloading, Installing and Activating Mathematica

Mathematica 10.2.0 and earlier versions are available for download from the download page. You will need to log in with your University username and password to access this page. For newer versions, please contact University IT at .

Once you have downloaded the installer, look at the Install and Activate page to see how to install it and activate your licence.

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