Types of Mathematica Licence in Cardiff University

There are two sorts of licence that you can buy in the University's Mathematica agreement — Network Increments and Single-Machine Licences. Additionally, there are home-use licences.

Network Increments

With a network increment your workstation connects to the University licence server to obtain a licence. You can install Mathematica on any number of machines but can concurrently use only as many as you have network increments.

The workstations must be connected to the Campus Network in order to connect to the licence server.

Network increments cost more than single-machine licences but are better value if you have a pool of machines where you want Mathematica but only some of them need to run concurrently.

Single-Machine Licences

A single-machine licence can be installed on only one machine. It gets an activation key from Wolfram and doesn't need to connect to our licence server.

Single-machine licences are intended for machines on-Campus (but they don't need to be permanently on the network). They are generally installed on machines with a single user (e.g. staff machines, research student machines, etc).

Home-use Licences

If you purchase a network increment or single-machine license you are automatically entitled to a free home-use license for installation of Mathematica to a computer at home.

Home-use licences are for home-based workstations or laptops which may be used at home (i.e. off-Campus).

For more information, contact University IT by email at .

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