Download Mathematica in Cardiff University

Valid Cardiff University users can download Mathematica from here. But you will need a licence to use it.

For versions newer than 10.2.0, please contact University IT at .

Look at the licence types page or contact University IT at to enquire about licensing. Look at the Install and Activate page to see how to activate your Mathematica licence.

These copies of Mathematica are for use by authorised Cardiff University users on University machines or personal laptops. You will need to login to access the files. You must not redistribute this software.

Current version

Mathematica 10.2.0
Lightweight Grid Manager 9.0.1

Previous versions of Mathematica

Mathematica 10.0.2
Mathematica 10.0.1
Mathematica 10.0.0
Mathematica 9.0.0
Mathematica 8.0.4
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